Snowmobile Safari


January - April

3 hours

Join us and experience the charm of the Arctic wilderness! You will create memories that last forever.

No previous knowledge is required to drive a snowmobile. All you need is a regular driver's license, and it's as simple as it is fun. A thorough safety introduction and driving instruction will be given before the trip starts. You will ride in pairs, a driver and a passenger on each snowmobile, with the opportunity to change seats during the trip. We drive into the remote mountain plateau Finnmarksvidda, one of Europe's last wilderness areas. We follow the old postal path up to the highest point of the plains. The temperature on the plateau can vary from a few plus degrees to well below freezing. We can not promise you windless days and clear skies, but whatever the weather, the nature on the plateau will be just as magnificent and impressive. Hot drinks and a snack / cake give a cozy touch to the outdoor experience.

Cancellation may occur due to weather conditions.

Pick-up and drop-off in Alta

thermal suit, mittens, winter boots and helmet

experienced guide

snowmobile including fuel, snacks and coffee / tea

Extras: Drive your own snowmobile without a passenger

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