Our history goes back several thousand years, and is set in stone in the rock carvings on the Altafjord. We are part of a strong cultural heritage that we proudly manage further - in step with traditions and in tune with nature.
When we tailor experiences, we make sure to combine the spectacular surroundings with the academic content, so that the memories you create together - last longer and provide broader perspectives. We offer everything from simple team building experiences, to complete adventures with modern meeting- and course facilities.

March - April

4 days

Do you dream of a cold adventure in Finnmark? This is an unforgettable journey across the frozen tundra. Here you will experience the Arctic silence, get the genuine wilderness feeling and see the fantastic northern light.

September - March

4 days / 3 nights

Combines both world-class experiences, the urban city life in Alta and locally produced food. Join a fjord and whale safari, hunt the northern lights and dog sledding with an Alaska husky. Welcome to Alta!

January - April

4 days / 3 nights

Overnight at Canyon Hotel, right in the center of Alta, join a dog sledding trip and hunt the northern lights with us. The Canyon Hotel is within walking distance of the city's shops and restaurants.
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