Our story

The fairy tale about Æventyr

There were once some good friends who were going on a long, long journey almost 600 million years ago.
The globe was in the making and the continents gathered. Large floods carried river sand to sea and for countless years the layers became thicker. The basis for the world's hardest slate.
A stone, which became an entire city - Alta.
This is where our adventure begins.
Over thousands of years, a culture with strong ties to nature developed. The story is in many ways written in stone and carved into eternity in the Altafjord.
In winter, a green figure often appeared in the sky. She danced so beautifully, and was named Aurora Borealis - while the city was named the Northern Lights City. If you waved at her - she took you with her - but no one knows where.

The good friends eventually got good helpers in the harsh, Arctic climate.

Huskies howling like the wolf, the king of the forest, reindeer wandering in flocks, the knights of the Barents Sea, the mighty song of the humpback whale and the great salmon - longing to return home - to Alta Canyon - Northern Europe's largest.
One day they decided to cross the endless plateau - Sennalandet.

At a crossroads, they met the white reindeer - Gabba

where are we now? they asked.

Skaidi, she replied - it is Sami and means "where the rivers meet".

The question now is; where does the river flow next?