The word "fairy tale" is one of the oldest words in our language. Throughout the ages, we have told each other fairy tales. These are exactly the stories we want to help create.
After you have visited Æventyr, our dream is that you will have had one of the experiences that will be remembered for the rest of your life. Which is told further - often passed on for generations.
With nature as an arena, and our ancient history in the genes, we offer experiences where you get as close to the wilderness as you have probably never experienced before.

January - April

3 hours

Experience the Arctic adventure on the Finnmarksvidda with a snowmobile

January - December

2 hours

Join the RIB trip in the inner Altafjord. Key words: Sea spray, good atmosphere and storytelling. Get an insight into Alta's unique history, from the rock carvings to modern times.

September - April

4 - 5 hours

Alta has been named the city of northern lights, and it is not without good reason. Here we have a stable domestic climate which is favorable if you want to see the northern lights dancing.

March - October

4-5 hours

Join the RIB safari in the outer areas of the Altafjord and have a close encounter with the mighty king crab in the fishing village Storekorsnes.

June - September

6 hours

Try an electric bike, it's fun and exciting! The electric motor makes it easy to go on a long trip, rather than using all your strength to experience unique nature.

March - April

4 days

Do you dream of a cold adventure in Finnmark? This is an unforgettable journey across the frozen tundra. Here you will experience the Arctic silence, get the genuine wilderness feeling and see the fantastic northern light.

May - September

5 - 6 hours

Seiland is an adventure island at the far end of the Altafjord. The island is very lush and green and has a bustling wildlife. We go ashore and take a walk along the beautiful Melkeelva River, maybe we also get a glimpse of mainland Europe's northernmost glacier.

November - January

5 - 6 hours

Do you want to experience Alta from the fjord with storytelling and get the chance to see the huge humpback whales? Then you should join us on a fjord & whale safari.

November - April

2 - 3 hours

When you use snowshoes, it becomes so much easier to walk on snow! In small groups we go for a walk in the woods near the city. We make a bonfire and serve coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Explore the Arctic nature on foot with us!

April - October

3 hours / full day

Do you want to experience Alta on your own? The bike city of Alta has many bike paths and trails. Rent a bike from us in the city center and we will give you recommendations on routes and places to visit.

September - April

7 hours

Do you want to get an insight into the Sami culture and tradition? Do you also want to experience the huge Finnmarksvidda? Spend a day with the indigenous people / Sami and try the oldest form of transport here in the north!

September - April

3 hours

Dog sledding is one of the best ways to experience the frozen arctic nature! Let us take you on an adventure and discover a whole new world.

November - April

Full day

Do you want to explore Alta on your own with snowshoes? The snowshoes are easy to use and can be easily attached to your shoes.

All year


A ski trip should be both fun and safe. We have different equipment available.

All year

Full day

You can rent warm shoes, clothes, accessories and buy wool underwear in our Explorer store.
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