Gargia Lodge - a social entrepreneur

Gargia Lodge is looking back on 3 centuries as accommodation provider. A history that makes us proud and we want to continue.

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Located on the outskirts of Alta, just a short day’s hike from the city, you will find Gargia Lodge.

For over thirty years, this beautiful lodge located in a pristine arctic valley has offered warm beds and good food using local ingredients to travelers from all around the world.

Keeping this in mind, we want to continue with this proud heritage and have therefore recently embarked on a collaboration with Finnmarkskollektivet. Finnmarkskollektivet is an addiction treatment center. The intention behind the collaboration is to help people in treatment prepare for working life by using their Gargia Lodge work experience as a springboard to an addiction-free future.

This we aim to achieve by offering work experience and skills upliftment for further careers. We will operate the lodge together with people who are in the final phase of their treatment. The work experience is voluntary, and all participants will take a natural part in all aspects of daily operations of the lodge.

Together we will build Gargia Lodge into a unique paradise for accommodation, food, natural encounters, and arctic nature experiences that Gargia has provided for centuries. This cooperation ended December 2022, and we are now looking forward to build Gargia Lodge further.

Welcome to Gargia Lodge