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Our team specializes in crafting tailor-made experiences for you and your company. whether it's a meeting, a conference or an event, we'll make sure everything runs seamlessly from start to finish.

As experts in the breathtaking region of Tromsø, Alta, and the North Cape, we know how to create exclusive and memorable experiences that showcase the natural beauty of Arctic Norway. With a focus on attention to detail and personalization, we take pride in curating customized itineraries that are tailored to your very need.


Next to nothing
close to everything

Alta has been a meeting place for thousands of years,
tracing back to our UNESCO world heritage rock carvings.
Our unique nature with fjords, vallys and mountains
in the roughe arctic environment combined with our open and
friendly culture, will make this an experience of a lifetime.

Team building in the Arctic Playground

Create unforgettable team-building experiences with pristine landscapes as a backdrop.

Elevate Productivity with Experiences

Surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Arctic, your employees will find the perfect environment for innovative thinking and problem-solving.

Experience the Unique Taste of Arctic

Our gourmet restaurants gives you the real flavours of the North and leaves you wanting one more bite.

Modern Meeting

Alta offers modern meeting facilities with digital and hybrid meeting solutions for up to 500 participants.


Get in touch with your personal travel designer

Your designer will help you from beginning to end to plan the perfect trip. Specifically tailored to your and your companion’s needs and desires. We go above and beyond to create the best possible experiences for our customers.



Connecting the Arctic

At Æventyr our mission is to show you the beauty of Northern Norway. Through unique locations you will be able to discover the best that the North has to offer.


We take care of everything.
Check out this example itinerary.

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Immerse Yourself in our nature and culture

Snowshoe Adventure & Visit the Icehotel
Ski Expedition Finnmarksvidda
Northern Lights Wilderness Camp
Weekend Ski Getaway To The Arctic Wilderness
Snowmobile Evening Adventure

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