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What payment methods do you accept?

Online payments on and our sub brands are processed by Stripe, Inc., unless stated otherwise. All major credit cards are accepted. Please note that we do not process your payment information ourselves. Refunds can be requested by us from Stripe, Inc., with an estimated processing time of 5-10 business days. Please note that not all of our locations accept cash. We recommend the use of credit or debit cards issued by Visa or Mastercard. American Express, Discover, UnionPay or JCB may not be accepted in all locations. All of our transactions are handled in Norwegian Krone (NOK). Depending on your card provider, exchange fees may apply.

Is it necessary to book in advance?

We recommend all guests to book in advance. While it can occasionally happen that we have availability for walk-in customers, we try to fill our tours up in advance and cancel tours that do not meet the minimum required participants. We therefore highly recommend to book in advance.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can find our cancellation policy here. Please be aware that this policy only applies if you have booked directly through us. If you have booked through a different provider, their respective cancellation policy applies and is outside of our control.

What are your booking terms & conditions?

You can find our booking terms and conditions here.

Are all guides certified?

All of our guides are certified for your safety and trained in arctic nature guiding and first aid. We want our trips to be as safe as possible, and that starts with our selection of guides. All boat driver and snowmobile guides have acquired the necessary certifications to carry out tours with guests.

What are your most popular activities?

The most popular activities in the winter are our Snowmobile and Northern Light Adventures. During the summer our RIB boat tours on the Altafjord offer an amazing experience to get close to the arctic wildlife. We are also one of the few companies that offer trips to Seiland National Park, which is located on an island across the Altafjord.

How to dress?

Check our How to Dress Guides here.

Activity difficulty levels

Our activities are ranked by difficulty level from 1 to 5. One means easy activities that do not require a lot of moving around and only basic fitness. Level 5 means the activity is strenuous, previous experience and strong fitness are recommended. If you are unsure about your own fitness level please contact us. Please note that none of our activities are wheelchair accessible.

Where are your activities starting from?

The starting point for all of our activities, unless stated otherwise, is our Adventure Store in the city center, located at Løkkeveien 6, 9510 Alta. Here you will get dressed or be further transported to the starting point of the activities. We also offer pick up from the Cruise Harbor approximately 15min before the start of the activities. Please check your booking confirmation e-mail for the correct meeting point.

When is the best time to see Northern Lights / Midnight sun?

The midnight sun can be experienced from approximately the middle of May until the end of July. Close to this time we experience very long days with the sun only setting from a few minutes to hours. The northern lights can be experienced from the end of September to the beginning of April. Outside of these months it does not get dark enough at night to be able to see the northern lights.

How to dress in the summer?

Our summer temperatures can change from slightly above freezing to almost 30 degrees. That means it is important to be prepared and dress in layers in the summer as well. Check our Guide on how to dress in the summer here.

How to dress in the winter?

It is important to be dressed right for the winter temperatures. We provide thermal suits on all of our activities, but it is important to wear the correct base layers to stay warm. Check our Guide on how to dress here.

Midnight sun & Polar Night

Since Alta is located above the arctic circle we experience the midnight sun in the summer and the polar night in the winter. That means for a duration of 72 days in the summer the sun will not set and it will remain light all night long. An unforgettable experience. The midnight sun can be experienced from approximately the middle of May until the end of July. For a period of 51 days in the winter we experience Polar Night, meaning the sun will not rise above the horizon and it will remain dark for the majority of the day. This gives us ideal conditions for watching the northern lights. The Polar Night can be experienced from approximately end of November until the middle of January.

How long is winter?

Our winter lasts from October to May, with the first snow falling around the middle of October. The starts to melt from April, but can remain on higher elevations up to the end of May.

What does Æventyr mean?

The word "Eventyr" is the oldest word in the vocabulary. It translates to "Adventure" or "Fairytale". Throughout all ages, we have told each other fairy tales. It is precisely these kinds of stories that we want to help create in our guests. The Æ represents our identity – geographical origin, our history and the common cultural heritage. It is part of the local dialect.

What does Æventyr offer?

As one of northern Norway's biggest tourism operators we offer unforgettable activities in the arctic nature, unique accommodation, restaurants, bars and packages that combine all of our offerings. For groups and businesses we offer custom made tours, teambuilding, meeting rooms and event spaces and transportation.

Why is Æventyr different?

Æventyr is the only big tourism operator in Northern Norway that is still locally owned and operated. With a team of workers from over 20 different nationalities… Our goal is to create memories that last forever

What are your sustainability policies and goals?

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Where are you located?

Our center of operation is located in the heart of Finnmark, in Alta at approximately 70 degrees Northern latitude.

How to travel to Alta?

Alta can be reached via flight from Oslo Airport and several smaller airports in Norway. The flight time from Oslo is approximately 2 hours and is carried out by SAS, Norwegian or Widerøe. You can also reach Alta by car. We are located along European Road E6. We are located approximately 6 hours away from Tromsø, 4 hours from North Cape, and 3 hours from Enontekio and 7 hours from Rovaniemi in Finland. Alta can also be reached by boat with frequent cruise ship arrivals from AIDA, Viking, Hurtigruten and a few local ferry connections.

How to reach you from the airport?

Our restaurants and hotels are located mainly in the city center of Alta. The airport in Alta (ALF) is located 4km from the city center. To get to the city center you can hire a car at the airport, order a taxi (Altataxi) or take the airport bus (Snelandia).

Do you offer pickup?

Our activities include pickup from the Cruise Harbor. This can be selected when booking. If you have forgotten to add pick up or selected the wrong location, please take contact with us. We do not offer pick up from any other locations. All major hotels in Alta are located in the city center, and you can reach us on foot in 2-5 minutes. Pick up can be arranged for groups on our tailor-made tours.

What is the best time to visit?

Alta is a great year-round destination. Our main activities are offered in the winter season, which typically lasts from December to May. Since most of our activities are snow based the beginning and end of the season can be adjusted depending on weather. In the summer Alta offers great opportunities for hiking, biking and fishing. We also offer a great variety of water based activities like boat tours.

What temperature to expect throughout the year?

Due to our proximity to the coast Alta experiences relatively mild temperatures throughout the year. If you are visiting in the summer months (June – July – August), expect temperatures between 7 to 17 degrees Celsius. In the winter months our average temperatures range from 0 to -12 degrees. You should be prepared for up to -25.

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